Success or failure: does the beard really determine it?

Success or failure

Does the beard really determine a person’s success or failure?

I think, for a non-bearded man, the biggest stumbling block is “crossing the line”. I’m referring to that phase in which unshaven hairs are begin to appear on your face. It’s useless to say, but every bearded man is born shaved! Shaving is probably the first thing we were taught to do when we got our first facial hair as kids.

But there’s a day, in the lives of some of us, when that regrowth goes further.. Either out of laziness or short time we can dedicate to taking care of our face. That’s when the beard becomes a Beard.
By the time the itch disappears, the spaces fill up, we begin to change our profile.

There is no doubt; to grow hair on a normally bald surface is not only a psychological difficulty. Shaved skin is used to regenerating faster than the rest of the body. This is why, initially, we all suffered from annoying itches, due to the accumulation of skin. NO FEAR! All it takes, is daily cleaning, a little bit of emollient product, and the discomfort goes away in a few days. From there, everything flows more smoothly!

For non-experts/beginners in managing a new “hairy space”, the problem of the type of hairstyle to prefer may arise. In fact, the beard is not just hair. It is a strongly distinctive element of us. Understanding how to cut and care for your brand new partner is a required step.

May a beard really determine a person’s success or failure? Unfortunately, the environment in which we live can influence the thinking of those in front of us. It’s up to us to show our proud and bearded face!

The beard can affect the image and perception of others, but it does not necessarily affect personal success. There are many people who have achieved success both with and without a beard. Personal success depends on many factors such as skills, competences, experience, motivation, ambition, relationships and why not, luck.

One person famous for his beard is Abraham Lincoln who was the 16th President of the United States. Lincoln was known for his long, full beard which gave him a distinctive look and which has become an iconic image of his presidency. Lincoln had begun growing a beard while campaigning for president in 1860, but hadn’t decided to keep it until a letter written by 11-year-old Grace Bedell advised him to do so because she believed it would gave him a more attractive appearance and would have won him the election. Lincoln followed the advice and won the election. His beard has become a symbol of his presidency and an iconic image of US history.

We are all various, it is undeniable. Someone might be in love with their beard, but not know how to manage it. Others, on the other hand, more determined, have no problems, and experience this transition from “clean” to BEAERDED face more serenely. While it may affect the perception of others, ultimately it is a person’s character, personality, and actions that determine their success. In some professional contexts, a beard can be seen as a sign of non-compliance or unprofessionalism, and as such it may negatively affect the perception of others, but not necessarily personal success.

So, the answer is no: a beard cannot determine a person’s success or failure. Not alone. Because a beard is not “a thing”.

The Beard is us. A little oil or conditioner is not enough to make it beautiful. Our outer beauty starts from within. Let’s make sure that our beard is the mirror of our strength. We proudly show our hair!

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